Trust Administration

Trust Administration

Whether you are the trustee of a revocable living trust or an irrevocable trust, you owe the beneficiaries a fiduciary duty to act in their best interests and to administer the trust in accordance with the trust agreement and applicable law. In order to avoid legal liability as a trustee you need the services of an experienced trust lawyer to guide you the trust administration process.

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An Experienced Trust Attorney Can Help Fulfill the Trust’s Purpose

Aside from trustee liability issues, it is important to administer the trust correctly in order to fulfill the purpose of the trust. Depending on the type of trust involved, the trust may have been created to:

  • Provide asset protection to the beneficiaries in the event of lawsuit or divorce;
  • Protect beneficiaries from making poor investment or distribution decisions;
  • Achieve important income, gift or estate tax objectives;
  • Prevent the loss of public benefit eligibility for disabled or incapacitated beneficiaries; or
  • Avoid probate

If the trust is not properly administered, there is a very good chance that the trust will not accomplish its purpose.

We prepare and administer many different types of trusts, including:

  • Revocable Living Trusts;
  • Special Needs Trusts;
  • Miller Trusts (Qualified Income Trusts);
  • Investment Trusts
  • Bypass / Credit Shelter Trusts; and
  • Trusts for Minors

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