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Estate Planning Attorney in Jacksonville, FL

Three Oaks Law is a boutique, client-centered law firm in Jacksonville, Florida. Our holistic approach to the law is based on our founder, Sabrina Bateh Kuruvilla’s, journey through loss, grief, and the legal process. As such, our firm’s ethos is deeply rooted in superior, heart-centered service to our clients - and to the community-at-large. Three Oaks Law provides a welcoming environment in which clients' estate plans are individually crafted. Family law, probate, and other aspects of multi-generational legal services are expertly provided. Our educated team’s dedication to listening to our clients’ needs, and providing clear, honest communication, consistently provides our clients with an exceptional experience. Additionally, our dedication to building a healthy corporate culture for our employees translates to the style of service and legal solutions our clients receive - and the resulting strong relationships built together.

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We can't promise a life without unexpected winds and strong gusts, but when you plant your roots with Three Oaks Law, you're planted firmly.

Why Choose Three Oaks Law?

  • Care and Compassion

    We respect your time, and our appointments are scheduled to give you the personal attention you deserve. We love to meet with our clients and we truly tailor to your needs by having the ability to do virtual meetings or be as personal as a coffee and a chat in our office. 

  • Quality and Connection

    You are more than a client. There is nothing more important than having an empathetic connection and compassion to serve you to help accomplish your goals. 

  • Woman-Owned Law Firm

    At Three Oaks Law we are here to guide you through every step of estate planning. Our team of professional women is committed to providing you with exemplary services throughout every process in estate planning and probate. 

  • Client Expectation

    We strive to maintain a high standard with all of our clients. We ensure that you know every step of the process and what is next as we guide you through the many aspects of estate planning. We are a boutique-style law firm that puts emphasis on an excellent client experience. 

  • Flat Fee Law Firm

    We are a client-centered flat fee law firm that charges a one-time fee for your tailored estate plan. With our custom estate plans, our services include questions, emails, and phone calls about your estate plan from the moment our services are retained to well after you have completed your estate plan. We ensure your plan is up to date annually and stay in contact for many years after your documents are executed. 

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