Estate Planning Needs for Families with Minor Children

Dear JGCC Neighbors and Friends,

I’d like to share a topic that’s so important for my family – Estate Planning Needs for Families with Minor Children.

I’m sure it’s not a surprise; however, my husband and I talk about this topic often. We’ve even considered taking separate flights to the same destination. Our children are so precious to us and we are always taking steps to protect them. At ages 6 and 3, we are already being kept up at night worrying about their wellbeing.

As Florida residents we are quite lucky that the law provides us with the opportunity to preserve our choices for our children in the event of tragedy. We can name guardians in a will in the event of simultaneous death of parents. In addition to naming the guardians in a will, it is important to have a Designation of Pre-Need Guardian document drafted by your family’s estate planning attorney. This document is filed with the court and provides guidance to a judge in the event of the incapacity or death of both parents.

Naming a guardian provides parents with peace of mind, shortens the length of time a child would remain with child protective services in the event of a tragedy, helps to prevent family arguments over who the judge should choose as a guardian and helps to create smooth transitions for our loved ones.